2020 Best Online Tutoring Platforms for Tutors

Some of the best tuition agencies consistently do well in the way they find the right tutor-students matches and help students produce excellent results in national examinations. Lots of effort and systemic planning goes into setting up a good tuition agency website and these online platforms are precisely the reason for the success behind these tuition agencies

These online platforms are essentially the common field that enables aspiring tutors or experienced tutors to find their students and it’s the platform for students to find the best possible teacher for themselves. With education system becoming increasingly challenging for students, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to cope, let alone ace the examinations. With personalised tuition sessions and customised teaching techniques, students undeniably perform well in their academics and many parents can vouch for its effectiveness.

So, here are some of the best online tutoring platforms for tutors (the list is the best of 2020 for your latest update)!


With the advent of technology, from a tap away on the screen, instantaneously one can seek help and get clarifications. With a tech-savvy team and with a large group of inspiring teachers, the online tutoring is top-notch. By enlisting tutors only after cross checking their qualifications and background, the best of the best is on the team and ready to help students out!

The advantage of this is that if a student is in need of specialised focus on a particular subject or a particular topic, he or she can work with a tutor for an extended duration. This flexibility in tuition sessions only comes along because its on the online platform.

 Chegg Tutors

They help in bringing about the right tutor-student match and in fact, this is an extremely important component of the tuition journey. It is absolutely essential for tutors to have a good understanding with their students and the relationship has to be a strong one in order for students to clarify their doubts uninhibitedly. 

Students would fill out a questionnaire and Chegg tutors would find the best match of a tutor for them based on the given answers. With tools such as virtual whiteboard and illustrated teaching methods, students will be able to get through effective tuition sessions from the comfort and convenience of their home. 


Tutor Me does a great job with finding the right tutor match for students and has numerous tutor profiles uploaded on their website. They also have a special offer whereby there would be 30 minutes of free tutoring for all new students too!

Tutor Me also has a Demi Lesson Space, Test Prep courses and Writing resources, all of which are different ways in which the tutoring agency is attempting to expand its horizon and many have benefited from it. 

There’s also a “view profile”, “message” or “start lesson” option in each tutor’s profile, moreover, the website also shows which tutors are currently online as you are searching in their website. The wide variety of options to explore will allow for students to choose what’s best for them and make the right decision. 


This tuition agency has a different way of directing students towards finding their perfect tutor. Students can choose their tutors based on first picking their subject, and then the options of tutors pop up, choice can be made and lesson starts from then and there. 

There will be personalised learning for a vast number of subjects and the match is typically done by pairing students with instructors based on their desired learning outcomes, personality fit, interests, and availability. GoPeer pledges itself to be, 

  • Effective: As it has large group of tutors who are knowledgeable and passionate about teaching
  • Convenient: One can easily save time and fit tuition sessions into the schedule
  • Relatable: Many students who have taken this route have excelled in their examinations 
  • Affordable: A third of the average cost 
  • Verified: Vetted and curated peer tutors


Tuition has become such an integral part of every student’s life. As of 2020, there is a lot of uncertainty for the graduating batch of students due to the pandemic. Certainly, there is a certain amount of friction created and everyone is rather taken aback by the changes that have taken place. However, thanks to technology, learning is unstoppable now and tuition agencies are doing an excellent job in keeping up the standards of online tuition. 

Students can opt for any subject tuition in which they feel a little more help is required. It may be math tuition or science tuition or English tuition; every subject has a whole lot of expert teachers eager and waiting to teach. Rather than staying still in denial, students should fearlessly address their weaknesses in subjects and opt for online tuition in order to nip the problem while it’s still a bud!