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Apart from its vibrant economy, beautiful landscapes and cosmopolitan culture, Malaysia is known for its education system of international standard. In fact, Malaysia is one of the fastest growing education systems in the world due to good quality and cost effective education.

According to the report published in Gulf News, Malaysia is the “11th preferred destination in the world for education and is an increasingly popular choice for those looking for an excellent overseas learning experience.”

From having a tie up with the world’s leading universities, cheap tuition fees to the comfortable and safe living, Malaysia has everything a student looks for while living abroad.

Here we have rounded up such reasons convincing you to pin Malaysia on the map of your potential places to study.

High Quality Education System and Standards:

The nation is recognized for its high quality education system, closely supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. MQA or The Malaysian Qualifications Agency is a subordinate agency of Ministry of Higher Education which is responsible for overseeing and monitoring of the practices and accreditation related to national higher education.

Get a US, UK and Australian Degree There:

It is easy to get foreign degree from the leading universities in US, UK, France, Australia, and Canada. This is because Malaysia has signed an agreement with these universities.

Another reason is that many foreign universities belonging from Australia and the United Kindgom have set up their branch campuses in Malaysia. KBU International College has also entered into partnership with Anglia Ruskin, Nottingham Trent and Sheffield Hallam universities in the UK.

EduCity Iskandar, located in Johor, is the largest student village and campus under construction which will house the branches of eight leading universities.

Earn While You Learn:

In Malaysia, you can work while you study on your student pass or permit. It helps students to meet the expenses of their daily needs and other activities, thus reducing financial burden. The government has allowed students to work part time for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Living Expenses are Very Low:

Living and studying in Malaysia is comparatively cheaper than other nations like US, UK and Canada. For example, you will have to spend nearly 5,000 USD annually for a tuition fee that will cost you around 15,000-18000 USD in most of western nations.

Apart from these benefits, you will have safe environment, plethora of food choices, spectacular places to visit and high quality of life while studying in Malaysia.