7 Best platforms for online teaching in Malaysia

Online tutoring is becoming the new norm as maintaining social distancing is something that is extremely important. With the digital platform, there is so much that can be done, and today, we have found new innovative ways to make learning interesting and engaging.

Distance learning  may seem like a new concept to many and some may doubt the efficacy of such learning. However, with some good online platforms, this teaching is in fact so much more effective than learning in traditional classroom setting.

So, let’s take a look at 7 best platforms for online teaching in Malaysia!


ChampionTutor Malaysia is one of the best online teaching platforms. It provides quality tuition service and aims to guide students in the best way possible. Every student is unique in their learning style and ChampionTutor understands this. The mode of teaching is tailored to meet the needs of students specifically.

Source: https://gust.com

Tutors of ChampionTutor have the expertise and knowledge to handle all kinds of students. They are passionate in their profession and aim to provide the best guidance possible. It is a trusted tuition agency in Malaysia as it provides quality service that satisfies parents and children.

#2: DELIMa

The Digital Education Learning Initiative Malaysia (DELIMa) is a digital learning platform for teachers and students. It offers applications and services required by teachers and students. It includes digital learning enabling technologies.

Source: https://techwireasia.com

For example, Google Classroom, Microsoft O365 and Apple Teacher Learning Center. This initiative has helped Malaysia take huge strides in its future-readiness and digital transformation. It has helped make online teaching more viable and much easier. However, the only problem is that it is easier for an organisation to use this learning platform for a large audience compared to solo online teachers.


IKHYA is a global network that provides world-class e-learning solutions. It provides them at a high quality and fair price. The organisation aims to design innovative strategies that enhance the workforce’s skills. The website provides custom eLearning development, PowerPoint to eLearning conversion and many other useful tools.

The website also provides translation and localisation services. This ensures that the content of the lesson is not sacrificed during the translation process. All these tools make the platform very useful for all teachers. This is a good option, regardless of their target audience or aim.


Appstronic provides e-learning solutions from developing courseware to setting up LMS. It helps teachers achieve their learning and development missions. This gets done by making eLearning development easy. This helps them incorporate the software into their management activities.

Source: https://www.appstronic.com

The content is made simple for easy understanding. This has cutting edge designs and unique visual effects. They enhance animations and also has multi-language features. The website also has a very unique feature of developing educational games. These games help to solve problems in a fun and interactive way for users.


Swift aims to develop effective e-learning solutions that depending on the organisation. This is to deliver tangible results. They specialise in developing custom e-learning content to create an impact. For example, by using animations, modern visual designs, and many other tools. Moreover, they also build software personalised to the organisations’ requirements.

Source: https://www.digitalnewsasia.com

This will allow online tuition organisations to automate workflow, reduce staffing costs. Thus, increase revenue in the long run. Swift provides comprehensive LMS software allowing organizations to create, manage and sell their courses easily.


Ezlearning focuses on developing a solution that can help to improve the productivity of the organisation. Their LMS platform improves performance and staff satisfaction. It is cost-effective, increases ROI and is convenient to access. It provides a platform that provides mobile access as well.

This allows students to resume their learning anywhere at any time. E-learning has interactive content development including interactive animations. There is a higher engagement rate and easy access to all learning material.


FrogAsia is transforming education in Malaysia for the future. FrogAsia has its own unique project known as 1BestariNet project that simplifies and enhances teaching and learning. It has been in the market for over 15 years and has international recognition. Content standards are aligned with the Malaysian curriculum which makes it very suitable for teachers in Malaysia.

It also has mobile applications that can assist in learning. For example, FrogSnap can help upload work, events and favourite moments. FrogPlay mobile allows students to do quizzes and play related games while being able to view their performance!