7 Best Reasons Why You Should Study Physics

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Physics is known as a ‘knowledge of nature’ which explores matter and its motion, its behavior through space and time and about how energy and force functions. So, let’s take a look at why one should study physics if you really have an interest in it!


Physicists are always wondering about big questions and trying to solve mysterious enigmas like, how the universe began, how the universe will change in future, whether the Sun will ever burn out, etc. The word ‘physics’ sounds abstract and unfathomable in itself. Breaking it down, there are many sub-aspects of physics like classical mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, electromagnetism and electronics, relativity, quantum physics, optical physics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics etc.


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We all may have lots of unanswered questions because we are simply unable to understand why certain things function a certain way. By learning physics, it helps us realise that physics has manifested itself in numerous ways.

Imagine this world: Waking up without an alarm, having no such thing called ‘cars’ for easy transportation, no electricity, no internet connection (one cannot survive without Wi-Fi), no lights, no handphones and…an endless list of many more things that we take for granted. This is pretty much like a dystopian world to most of us and this exactly reiterates how important physics is and its significant role in changing our standards of living.


One of the biggest frustrations of students who love studying math as one of their subjects is that they find it difficult to make sense of how it will be useful in their lives. It’s typical to hear students say, “I’m still waiting for the day I use ‘differentiation’ topic in my life”, “How will the Pythagorean theorem be of any significance in my life” etc.

Generally, those who enjoy doing math will also enjoy physics as a subject. Good news for you, your knowledge of math will be put to good use and you don’t have to feel that learning math is just idle at the end of the day. This is because, math and physics are intertwined and in fact, physics cannot exist without math. It is absolutely essential for physicists to have an excellent knowledge of math in order to venture into the depths of physics theories to make sense of the world and to comprehend how it functions on every level.


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Laser scanners, space rockets, light bulbs, digital cameras, airplanes, and solar panels. These are just a few inventions out of many. Should we tell someone a few centuries ago that man will fly to the moon or that human beings can travel from one country to another through the air, they would laugh at us and label us like a maniac or a lunatic. What was thought to be impossible has now become possible all thanks to physics.


It is a known fact that need is the mother of all inventions. As greedy human beings, our list of needs is endless and it only grows infinitely over time. As years go by, our needs vary and brilliant scientists continue inventing to adapt to our ever-changing lifestyles. With a good knowledge of physics, many youngsters today can become great inventors, inscribing their name in the history!


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Learning physics is not easy as it requires one to analyze, question, hypothesize, experiment, conceptualize and apply. To study a subject on these many levels, one has to cultivate the habit of critical thinking or higher order thinking. This characteristic helps one to look at everything with a critical lens, to question and to reason out for themselves as to why things are the way they are.


If you have done physics, the list of jobs is endless. You can be a data analyst, be almost any engineer, a Physics tutor, an IT Consultant, a Lab technician, etc. The salary of one who lands in any one of these jobs would also be able to earn a sizeable income!

TO SUM IT UP, Physics is an extremely fun and interesting subject, it has lots of relevance in our lives, you can earn a living with the knowledge of it and most importantly, it is the foundation to our lives.