Top 10 Benefits of Tuition for Entrance Exams

Whatever exam it may be, it is an undeniable fact that students would become overwhelmed by anxiety. Having to struggle alone to do well in an exam can be a big deal and it is important for students to seek guidance to lessen the burden. The biggest advantage of opting for tuition is the fact that there

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Zoom Classes

How to Teach Math Online with Zoom

Education has undergone so many unprecedented and unimaginable changes over the past few years, and particularly over the past one year due to the pandemic. Online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet have become extremely useful for online classes and it is the ultimate saviour for teachers and students. Source: For subjects like

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physics tuition

What are the Benefits of Online Physics Tuition?

Physics is an interesting and intricate form of science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the basic elements of the universe. It can be seen in all aspects of nature on the macroscopic and microscopic level. The principles may be challenging to understand and it is certainly difficult to apply the knowledge

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online tutoring

What is the Future of E-Learning in Malaysia

At the beginning of the pandemic, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said teachers must develop their skills in terms of online tutoring and home-based learning, which are the new normal in the field of teaching. E-learning is now regarded as the future of education and teachers are encouraged to find new and innovative ways to conduct interesting online classes.

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online teaching

7 Best platforms for online teaching in Malaysia

Online tutoring is becoming the new norm as maintaining social distancing is something that is extremely important. With the digital platform, there is so much that can be done, and today, we have found new innovative ways to make learning interesting and engaging. Distance learning  may seem like a new concept to many and some may doubt

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child Studying online from online tutor

How to become an online science tutor in Malaysia?

Online tutoring has become an industry that’s getting plenty of attention recently. Especially with the pandemic now, traditional classroom teaching is slowly becoming impossible. Everyone is hence switching towards the digital platform for learning. Math tuition and science tuition are the most common that students would opt for. These subjects are gradually becoming more and more difficult as the syllabus

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7 Tips to Make Distance Learning More Effective

Distance learning has become the norm as students don’t have the luxury of time to attend tuition classes in different locations. Online tuition and private tuition have made life easy for most students these days. Home tuition these days has become less of a possibility due to the pandemic. So as long as social distancing needs to be maintained, online learning seems to

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English tuition

Best Ways to Learn English Fast for Non-English Speakers

The biggest struggle for most non-English speaking individuals is effective communication. Being able to convey information succinctly is of utmost importance. But this is a difficult task for anyone who is not well-versed in the language. Picking up a language is easy for children but it’s not the same for adults.   Source: Students

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private tutors

Best Tips to Make Science Fun and Interesting

Education continues to transform in ways that we probably have never imagined before, solely because the needs and wants of mankind changes over time and according to that career options undergo a dynamic change. Students are encouraged by their private tutors and school teachers to start thinking about their area of expertise and interest from the beginning

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