manage a large classroom

Tips To Manage A Large Classroom

Teaching a classroom of many students is a much different experience as compared to teaching one student in a one-to-one private tuition setting. The experience would be different, the challenges vary and the advantages as well as disadvantages would differ as well. Teachers who are used to teaching a group of students would find it challenging

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learn english faster

Tips and Tricks To Learn English Faster

Learning a new language is not as easy as some people may think (those who claim themselves to be linguistically inclined!), nor is it as difficult as some might fear it to be. Whether something is challenging or not is dependent on how it’s being tackled. The best way to learn English is by hearing

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A-levels in malaysia

How To Prepare For A-Level In Malaysia?

The A-Level programme is a pre-university programme which many students aim to get into, in order to prepare themselves for numerous opportunities and variety of courses available in university. A level subjects are divided into two levels, namely, Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Two (A2) level. Students can either opt for the science or arts

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What Are Some Popular Questions On IGCSE?

IGSCE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education curriculum offers a variety of routes for learners which accommodates to everyone’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses. There is flexibility in the curriculum and it allows students to explore themselves at a deeper level since education is not limited to reading textbooks and excelling in

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universities in malaysia

Top Reasons To Study In Malaysia’s Top Universities

Malaysia is becoming one of the top choices for many international students to continue their tertiary education. Malaysia is now known to be one of Asia’s top-notch study hubs, and has the goal of enrolling 250,000 international students in Malaysian universities within the next 5 years. Malaysian universities have great global and regional recognition due to many

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