Benefits Of E-Learning For Malaysian Students

Online learning, or what we call as E-learning is the new norm since in-person learning has become almost impossible in many countries due to the pandemic. During this challenging time, many students have figured out that online learning is something that is useful for them. There are pros and cons to everything, thus it is important for students to analyse them and think about what works for them and what doesn’t.

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Today, every student is at least equipped with a smart phone and has access to the internet. Information is available at fingertips and thus learning is much easier. It is of less hassle now, as compared to how it was years ago!

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of E-Learning for Malaysian students!

BENEFIT NO.1: Anytime, anywhere!

As long as there is a conducive learning environment with a stable internet connection, you are good to go for an online class. This advantage is something that students now seem to understand as they have been forced to attend E-learning due to the pandemic.

Students do not necessarily have to be at school at a certain timing; all they need to do is to get ready for the online lesson for that particular timing of that lesson. This is a great convenience for students as it saves travelling time and the exhaustion that comes with commuting.

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Many parents fail to understand the advantages of online learning. It is not in their fabric to accept something so new which they did not have exposure to when they were young. It is up to students to explain to their parents about the numerous advantages that comes with this form of learning.

BENEFIT NO.2: It’s customised

Every student has a different process of learning and has different rate at which they internalise information. The same method of teaching will not apply for all students. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of offline learning. In online tuition, for example, it is a one-to-one learning method which allows for great amount of interaction between student and his or her teacher.



Though online tuition is something that tugs uncomfortably at many parents’ perception of ideal education, it is something which has to be welcomes and accepted in this day and age. In a classroom of 40 students, it is near impossible for one teacher to give equal and proper attention to each and every student. Students who are slower learners end up feeling like they do not fit the bill, and that they are “less smart” or “not worth” of achieving good grades.

BENEFIT NO.3: It’s interactive

It is undeniable that online learning is so much more engaging and learning is handled in more creative ways as well. Teachers can assign group projects and assign a leader for each group. Every leader should then divvy up the work and make sure the final product is presented in a coherent manner. This teaches students about managing teamwork and about leadership in the online platform.



Delegating work and communication without being in person is something that students need to get used to as times have changed. In the working world, many tasks are switching to the online platform. In years to come, there may be more and more technological advancements which all of need to adapt to.


Although critics may argue that online learning makes students lazy and that it fails to inculcate discipline, it all ultimately depends on how this is utilised. Should parents inculcate values like discipline and integrity in their children, online learning will not destroy the moral compass of students.

In a country like Malaysia, where education is constantly evolving and advancing, students need to roll with the punches and reap the benefits of these new changes that are taking place!