Best Teaching Techniques To Follow During Covid-19

The pandemic has struck fear and uncertainty in all our minds and students have had to stay at home to study for exams because going to school is no more an option. Tutors have to now resort to online-teaching options unfortunately and now teaching seems a little more complicated of a job. Teaching online is not the same as being there in-person as there is a lack of direct eye contact, sharing resources becomes difficult and physically pointing out flaws and correcting errors in practice papers will be challenging, and the list just goes on.

Online Education

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Teachers may not seem to have any ideas to teach just as effectively online during this pandemic and thus, here are few tips that tutors can follow…


It is possible to see each other and “mimic” the actual one-to-one tuition experience through the use of some online platforms. Recently Zoom has become famous as it is being used worldwide to conduct online meetings, lectures and lessons. The features such as online recording, the video and audio mute or unmute option and the screen sharing option are all great to conduct a productive session. Other options like skype also does the trick as well. Nonetheless, if a student is able to see their tutor, that will be a more effective lesson, otherwise it gives opportunities for undue distractions.


As more attention is given to the online platform now, people have taken notice of the plethora of online study resources available. Tutors can share these platforms and study materials with their students and this makes studying a little easier. Sometimes the notes given in textbooks seem to be too complex and overwhelmed with details. Students may not be sure as to which piece of information deserves their attention.

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There are many who make illustrated study notes and post it online in their blogs or whatsoever and such platforms can be made good use of. Tutors can make use of these resources for an easier teaching approach for their students.


There are many online quiz generators which tutors can make use of. Such quizzes are goof checkpoints for students to assess whether they understand what has been taught. Testing oneself is absolutely essential to get into a deeper understanding for the content being studies, otherwise, if everything is being learnt at a superficial level, there won’t be enough knowledge base to be able to apply and solve critical-thinking-oriented questions.


Yes, online tutoring services can seem complicated and students may feel that they are not learning as effectively as compared to being in person for tuition or attending a class at school. This situation is beyond our control and for safety purpose, we are compelled to stay at home. It is important to adhere to these regulations but it is no reason for us to slack and procrastinate. Life still goes on and instead of mourning over this tough time, looking for practical solutions to keep things going strong is crucial!