Best Tips and Techniques to Make your Child Concentrate on Studies

It is in children’s nature to have a short attention span, to become restless easily, to be curious and to ask questions without inhibitions. Enabling children to have the freedom to think and ask questions and do whatever they wish to would also come with a cost; they would be too fidgety to sit still at one place and concentrate.

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Tutors who conduct one-to-one tutoring are the ones who observe this the most and they have to handle these children in different ways according to their different personalities and learning needs.

So, here are the best tips and techniques to make sure children have more concentration on their studies!


Sometimes its best that home tutors handle children who require a little more personal attention that other kids. These children are very active and they have a very short attention span which causes them to become easily restless and bored with assigned a single task.

With a private tutor, the student will get more personal attention and they will be able to concentrate on their studies much better.


It may sound absurd to ask a small kid to start doing yoga, but if parents do it together with them, possibly like a family yoga session, things will be much easier. Yoga eases the mind, teaches the individual to become more patient and that way shows some improvement to the short attention span-problem.

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Yoga also enables the mind to be calm and composed, it rejuvenates the body and especially with pranayamam (breathing exercises), a child’s memory power and concentration levels increase drastically.


Kids these days are so fond of junk food that their taste buds are tuned to the frequency of unhealthy eating habits. This poses serious health issues (though it may not be evident in the short-run, the detrimental consequences can be seen in the long-run) which has a direct impact on the mind.

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A good start would be to avoid food from fast-food outlets and to increase intake of fruits and vegetables. Some vegetables and herbs are particularly known to boost concentration levels and memory power such as,

  • Asiatic pennywort (Centella asiatica)
  • Water hyssop/ Bhrami (Bacopa monnieri)
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)


Give your children the responsibility and tell them to make their own decisions. When they feel that they have been a given a responsibility, they will take the effort to make their schedule and plan out their work accordingly.

The biggest mistake that parents do is to be helicopter parents and hover over their children all the time. Take it easy and let them a little loose, give them a little freedom but acknowledge their duty and responsibility as well.


Children are certainly not easy to handle, however, it is not impossible to guide and encourage them. The most important thing to do is to seek assistance from home tutors as they have the expertise to handle children and to also do your part as a parent to be encouraging at every step of the way.