Boarding Schools v/s Private Schools – Best Choice For Your Child

As a parent, you always have the best interest at heart for your child; you want to give your child the best of everything, and that includes education. Education is a basic right of every child and it is essential. Apart from the fact that education provides someone with a degree to land a job and earn a living, education also widens perspectives, encourages healthy debate, enables one to become mature and independent. Parents are apprehensive when it comes to making important decisions for their children, which includes the educational decisions like which school would the best and which tuition should their children be sent to.

Not many parents are aware of the difference between private schools and boarding schools. In simple terms, all boarding schools are private schools, but not all private schools are boarding schools. Sounds confusing even in though it’s a simple sentence, right? But there is no need to fret!



Let’s take a look at the differences (in detail) between private schools and boarding schools and we will discuss a mixture of advantages and disadvantages that both the choices harbor.

You should note that these two educational systems share a lot of similarities, but there are a few major aspects that set these schools apart and will provide students with unique experiences in each educational setting.


The very first stark difference is the fact that students who opt for boarding school would live away from their family members in a hostel with their peers, probably under the supervision of a warden or a tutor. At regular private schools, students generally live in their own homes with their family and commute to campus every day. Some boarding schools do have the option for students to live at home, but most generally decide to stay on campus.

The biggest advantage of living away from family is getting the opportunity to learn how to be independent. Before boarding school, as a youngster, you would have knowingly or unknowingly been dependant on your parents for a lot of things, and you might have taken a lot of things granted (like being privileged enough to have someone do your laundry for you). Living alone, you have to take care of yourself, manage and maintain by yourself and be in control of your space and time. This opportunity would liberate you in a lot of ways and it will make you appreciate those who have taken care of you before boarding school.




Students in boarding schools are provided with dorm rooms and meal plans, and the tuition and fees at boarding schools are typically higher than those of private schools. Though private schools will charge up to several thousand dollars a year, when we compare the fees to boarding school, it is comparatively lesser. Both boarding schools and private schools do sometimes provide scholarships for gifted students who cannot afford the tuition.


Elite boarding schools are generally known to have low acceptance rates and the admission is highly competitive because there will be a lot of students who want a seat and they are all neck-to-neck in their qualifications. Most private schools usually do not have a competitive admission process, but if the private school has an emphasis on a specific niche subject like math, science, or the arts, their acceptance rates will be lower and comparatively competitive. Boarding schools and private schools both place high importance on small class sizes because they believe that students will learn better in a more intimate environment; basically, lesser students in a classroom.

TO SUM UP, boarding school and private schools are fairly similar but each of them has their own pros and cons. To reiterate what has been mentioned, the biggest advantage that boarding school has is independent living and the biggest disadvantage it has is its high school fees. Private schools, on the other hand, lack the opportunity to experience independent living, but prices are comparatively affordable. You as a parent have to weigh out the pros and cons according to your financial situation and your child’s preference. There no right or wrong at the end of the day. But hey, if your child hits the jackpot and gets a scholarship, boarding school would be the best choice!