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What is the Future of E-Learning in Malaysia

At the beginning of the pandemic, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said teachers must develop their skills in terms of online tutoring and home-based learning, which are the new normal in the field of teaching. E-learning is now regarded as the future of education and teachers are encouraged to find new and innovative ways to conduct interesting online classes.

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7 Best platforms for online teaching in Malaysia

Online tutoring is becoming the new norm as maintaining social distancing is something that is extremely important. With the digital platform, there is so much that can be done, and today, we have found new innovative ways to make learning interesting and engaging. Distance learning  may seem like a new concept to many and some may doubt

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How to become an online science tutor in Malaysia?

Online tutoring has become an industry that’s getting plenty of attention recently. Especially with the pandemic now, traditional classroom teaching is slowly becoming impossible. Everyone is hence switching towards the digital platform for learning. Math tuition and science tuition are the most common that students would opt for. These subjects are gradually becoming more and more difficult as the syllabus

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How can you help identify your child’s career interest?

Though education should be about the process of gaining knowledge and eradicating ignorance, in today’s day and age after westernisation globally, education is equated to a career that is attached with salary tag that student run after mindlessly. Source: Every action has to have a meaningful purpose and parents need to inculcate this in children.

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How to Find Best English Tutor Online for Your Kid

How to Find Best English Tutor Online for Your Kid?

English language has gained its importance by many folds over the past few years especially since it is the main medium of communication. As the country continues to progress and expand itself to reach out companies and business overseas, communication is becoming even more important now than it was a decade or so ago. This is

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