Different Ways To Find A Tutor For Your Child In Malaysia

Private tuition has become an important support system for children in Malaysia, especially since education has changed its course in different ways over time. The biggest confusion that most students and parents have is not knowing how to choose the right tutor.

So, here are different ways in which you can find a tutor for your child in Malaysia!


The level of experience and academic qualifications of a tutor certainly influences the way a teacher would teach. Sometimes undergraduate tutors are less experienced to even comprehend the challenges of working in the corporate world, so they will not be able to offer much about workplace experiences.

However, they are more likely to be amicable and understanding of students’ concerns due to the smaller age gap. This makes them more approachable for students to ask questions and clarify their doubts uninhibitedly.

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With more experienced private tutors, they are likely to provide insights about how the theory being learnt now would be applied to the real-world context. It gives a solid background for children to understand why they learn the concepts that they are taught. Information being provided would start to make more sense and they are more likely to internalise them and remember.

However, the obvious downside is the large age gap between a small kid and an experienced ex-MOE tutor. An older teacher may not always be as accommodating to a young child’s mindset and attitude; there are higher chances of the tutor losing his or her patience. Thus, tutor qualification is certain one of the first things students and parents need to look into!


It is common for parents to talk to one another about the best available tuition teachers out there. And, that is the most common route of tutor recommendations. Senior parents would have their own set of experiences dealing with various tutors for the different academic stages that their children have gone through.

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The experience might be different for each child so the general advice that senior parents might give to junior parents might vary. However, there would be the common Dos and Dont’s that one can follow in order to avoid the pitfalls.

When a tutor is continuously recommended by several parents, it is highly likely that the tutor has the capacity to teach a variety of students ranging from slow learners to fast learners and even children who can be disobedient and playful.


Tuition agencies would have their very own website set up to make the tutor-selection process so much smoother and easier. Tutor profiles would be uploaded on the website, which enables students and parents to sieve through and choose the best tutor, whose teaching style and expectations may suit the child’s academic needs.

Some tutors may be more flexible with their teaching style whereas others might be stricter. On the other hand, some students might not mind a tutor who is strict with high expectations, whereas the majority of students might prefer a friendly tutor who goes the extra mile to understand the student at a more personal level.


The reality of today’s education system is something most students and parents would have not expected several years ago. Everything has becomes digitalised, and learning has become far more efficient. Choosing the right tutor for your child is of utmost importance because the kind of influence that a child is under would determine his or her thinking and outlook on education on the whole!