How Can One Stay Motivated Despite Failing A Job Interview?

Failures come and go, and similar to how life works, this is also transient and impermanent. Some young graduates who are on a hunt for a job might put their desperation in the forefront of their search; but this attitude is unhealthy. The impatience serves no purpose and only does harm.

Whether you want to become an engineer, doctor or a tutor, these days, everything has an interview process. This is to assess one’s interpersonal and communication skills, as well as to get to know more about the person on a personal level to figure out of their work ethic and principles will align with what the company is looking out for!

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When you ask your private tutors, parents, school teachers or any other parental figure about how to deal with failures, every person would have a different coping mechanism that they would advise you on.

Everyone has a different interpretation of the same incident or scenario, and everyone has different perspectives or takeaways from an experience as well. What is most important is what you choose to do to cope with your failure in your very own unique way.

Here are some ways to seek motivation albeit a supposed downfall faced from a failure of job interview!


Maybe that company was your dream workplace to get a job in. Maybe you felt that your competence matched their employee expectation. Maybe you even felt that you deserve their recognition. All these opinions may not seem to matter and might extinguish into thin air when you see the letter of rejection from the company you interviewed at it.

dream workplce


You might think that you have “nailed it” at an interview but the outcome may be the opposite of what you may have expected. As a potential employee attending an interview, it is challenging to gauge how well you would have done and it’s often an amalgamation of various factors that may have caused the interview to take a turn down south.

The first thing you need to do is to cope with this rejection mentally. Accept your failure and shake it off your mind!


Robert Toru Kiyosaki once said, “People who avoid failure also avoid success”, which tells us that failures are truly the stepping stones to achieving our goals, dreams and aspirations. Every failure teaches us something new and it those experiences are indicative of our flaws. Instead of feeling resentful and bawling your eyes out over rejections, take the time and effort to dissect the event and figure out what may have gone wrong.



Observation and analyses are two key elements that enable one to figure out the missing piece of the puzzle. The more interviews you attend, and the more actively you seek others’ feedback on your performance, the higher are your chances of making the cut for a company you interview at!


Good things certainly don’t come right at your doorstep; it’s not all that easy. It takes practice and lots of patience. The journey may seem like an arduous one and those around you may not give you the space and time to get through rejections gracefully. Parents might pressurise you and your friends might land a great job much earlier than you which might not help improve your current situation of accepting a failed job interview.

practice patience


Take your rejections with a stride and let those around you know that you are coping well with it as well. Your friends’ snide remarks or your parents’ disapproving expressions should not extinguish the flame in you. Pick yourself up from each downfall and figure out how you can hit the bull’s eye with your next interview. After all, every expert was once a beginner!