How ChampionTutor Caters Tuition Services for Toddlers

Tutors for Toddlers

ChampionTutor is a leading home tuition platform that hosts thousands of home tutor profiles in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Johor Bahru. Each tutor has been verified and screened before his or her profile is listed on the platform, allowing parents to hire from our platform with an assurance of safety, quality and reliability. We also monitor his progress and performance over time to help maintain high levels of learner satisfaction. Our primary goal is to enable each child to benefit from quality tutoring in the comforts in his or her home at an affordable price.

Apart from tutors that provide private tuition at the primary school, secondary school, pre-university and university levels, we also host home tutors that provide tuition services for toddlers (pre-school). Classes at this level are available for mathematics, English, Mandarin, Tamil, Malay, phonics, creative writing and arts and crafts. However, home tutors for toddlers may not be readily available in all areas due to a shortage in supply.

You might be asking this question: is home tuition for toddlers really necessary? Here are some of the reasons why your toddler can benefit from access to a private tutor, even before enrolling in kindergarten:

  • Language mastery

There is a growing body of research that seeks to examine why our capacity to master languages declines as we grow older. The underlying reasons may not be fully known at this point in time, but the evidence indicates that students are best equipped to master the grammar and syntax of a new language at a very young age.

Parents may thus see the need to hire a native language speaker of a particular language to guide their toddler from a young age if they are not fully confident of their proficiency in that language. On the other hand, it may be beneficial to expose a toddler to a second language that is not usually used at home at a very early age.

  • Busy parents

Most parents feel a sense of duty to be personally involved in their child’s learning from a young age. However, this may not always be possible when both parents are working in demanding jobs that take up large chunks of their time, energy and attention.

In this scenario, a home tutor can step in to provide toddlers with an individualized and systematic learning plan. The personal touch is certainly preferable to having your toddler learn via educational games or television programs.

  • Learning problems

In some instances, a child may suffer from a learning disability such as dyslexia, autism, a speech disorder or ADHD. Parents may have the best intentions at heart, but they may be poorly equipped to meet their child’s unique educational needs. Hiring an expert with the proper experience and pedagogy may be necessary to help the child overcome this challenge and attain his or her full learning potential.

These are only a few reasons as to why a home tutor may be necessary (or simply helpful) for your toddler’s learning journey. Whether you need a tutor to double as a babysitter or provide specialized home tuition lessons for your toddler, we are confident that you can find the right fit with Our Online Tutoring Services.