How is one on one tutoring beneficial?

Tuition is now much more common as compared to a decade or so ago. Back then, tuition was for children who are from a privileged socioeconomic background who could afford to pay for the expensive home tuition fees. However, today, the tuition industry has expanded and widened itself such that the tuition fees ranges from the most affordable options to the most expensive options available (often ex-MOE teachers charge a higher rate for their expertise and teaching experience).

Tutoring services are gaining importance these days as education system has stepped up on the difficulty level so students opt for one-to-one tuition especially to cope with the huge workload and content given to them. The expectations placed on students is much more today and hence tuition seems to be the way to go in order to perform well in examinations.

Some parents however are doubtful and apprehensive of the idea of one-to-one tutoring. So, how is it really beneficial?


Students constantly seek some sort of support, whether it is from the parents, peers or school teachers as that helps them feel a confident to keep moving forward. It is very common to see many children being affected by somewhat similar thinking pattern of the impostor syndrome. The pattern of self-doubt essentially stems from a lack of confidence and lots of insecurity.

One on one tutoring sessions go beyond teaching a subject. Students feel assured when there is a tutor right beside them guiding and showing them the way. Students might feel lonely, hopeless and lost should they have no one to look up to for guidance. A strong support system buries students’ insecurities and self-doubt which will essentially be half the battle won.


A tuition session for 2 hours has to be utilized well and one cannot afford the wastage of time. So, students are automatically expected to be disciplined in finishing their assigned homework before the tuition session. It may seem as if the workload is overwhelming so students have a habit of making excuses and saying things like “I don’t have time”.


Source: Vancruzer

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day so why is it that some are able to finish their work while others don’t?

It all ultimately boils down to self-discipline as that is what enables a diligent student to manage his or her time well to finish all the work required. Tuition teachers expect their students to be disciplined and to be punctual in terms of finishing the homework or assignments given to them.


Every student has different learning needs and this essentially means that every student needs a targeted personalized teaching method which enables them to excel at a much faster rate. In a classroom of 40 students, school teachers can only teach in a very generalized manner and they cannot slow down their pace for slow-learners; neither can they ramp up their pace of teaching for past-faced learners.

In one-to-one tuition however there is much more freedom and space for customised teaching. This can be done in many ways such as, 

  • Students have the liberty to request their tuition teachers to reteach some topics
  • Students can uninhibitedly clarify their doubts
  • Personalized practice questions 
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Resources that solidify conceptual understanding for weaker areas of the subject

And so on…

The targeted approach of teaching in one-to-one tuition is extremely useful and this is an exclusive benefit which enables students to improve at a rapid rate.


A bad grade can cause parents to be disappointed and peers may criticize you for it; but tuition teachers are the only ones who give a pat on the back and motivate you to pick yourself up and emerge stronger. One bad grade is certainly not a reflection of one’s capacity or talented; its merely an opportunity for self-assessment to analyse and understand one’s strengths and weaknesses as well as an opportunity identify what went wrong.

The learning experience gained will be beneficial for students as they will perform much better; beyond their own expectations for the next test or exam (given that they worked on their weaknesses).


Source: Teacher Training

Tuition teachers are the perfect parental figures that motivate students and help them work harder to accomplish their goals. Tutors also know how to be sensitive with their students because they aim to give constructive criticisms which enable their students to perform well; instead of using a reprimanding tone that may seem condescending and demotivating.


One-to-one tuition is a great way for students to build their academic foundation in a strong manner and this will make things easier for them as they move on to higher studies where subjects are dealt with at a deeper level. Should the foundation be shaky, building on top of it will only cause everything to collapse one day or another. This seek help from tuition teachers as soon as possible; nip your problems while its still a bud!