How Struggling Students Can Improve Their Academic Performance?

Struggle is part and parcel of a student’s life when working hard to achieve excellence. Some students are tenacious enough to push through all adversities. Whereas the majority of students struggle with the concept of rising above from failures. This is because students let the emotions associated with failures to overtake their mind, which is rather an unhealthy approach to handling setbacks.

Tutors these days spend a significant amount of time consoling their students and teaching the importance of taking failures with a pinch of salt. Students these days are being raised in a protective manner and hence they have no idea as to how failures can be handled in a mature and meaningful manner.

girl stressed


Here are some ways in which students can improve their academic performance!


The first approach to dealing with failures is to recognise and acknowledge that you need help. As a student, it is normal to encounter a bad grade or to be pointed out by your teacher as having poor performance in tests and internal exams. It is of utmost importance to keep in mind that such setbacks should not be looked at as humiliations. Instead, one needs to take active steps to seek the necessary help.



Tuition teachers and school teachers are always willing to help their students improve their grades. Students need to get rid of their self-doubts and inhibitions to ask questions and seek clarifications!


A positive mindset towards learning will always set us on the path to success. Instead of sulking about the amount of homework that needs to be done or being upset about a tight schedule with numerous deadlines, one needs to look at them as learning opportunities. Your assignments and projects help reinforce your learning and the homework you are given are opportunities to consolidate everything that you’ve learnt.

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Exams should not be feared, instead, one should look at it as opportunities to challenge their knowledge and thinking capacity. When you flip the perspective, what seem to be a arduous task, would eventually turn out to be a good learning experience.


The process of learning sets up on a path of progress. Every time you learn something new, new neuronal connections are made in your brain. Your knowledge bank grows and the way you think and process information evolves to a great extent. The best way to track your progress is why taking note of your grades in class tests and school exams.



You can even go a step further and track the grade you get for your mock exam papers and practice assessments. This enables you to understand if you have made any improvements. This will be a good indicator to tell if you’ve learnt from the common mistakes that you make.


Education is a privilege that many children around the world do not have access to, unfortunately. Students need to first be grateful for being able to go to school and also pursue higher education. From gratitude, stems the joy for learning. When one enjoys learning, the challenges that are embedded in it would not seem to be a huge deal after all.

With numerous support systems such as parents, schools and tuition agencies, students need not fear failure. All they need to do is to realise that learning is such a refreshing and exhilarating experience. When one loves what he does, the challenges and setbacks would no longer be painful or daunting; instead, they are looked upon as learning opportunities.