How To Become A Successful Student?

Being a good student requires one to exhibit qualities such as being proactive, righteous, curious, hardworking and determined. Though it is easier said than done, it is possible for students to uphold these values in their daily life with a little practice. The beginnings of anything could be challenging, but when time goes by, things will get easier and they may not seem as bad as it was imagined to be.

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Students often ask their tutors about the ways in which they can achieve good grades and balance their leadership positions and extra-curricular activities. The key to being an exemplary student is about being an active participant in all aspects of school. However, students are unsure of how this can be done. So, here are some useful tips to follow to be a successful student in school!


Students often make the mistake of shifting their focus solely towards grades and they miss out on the true essence of learning. As students travel up the academic ladder, they will soon realise that they will be less spoon-fed by teachers and that they need to learn how to be independent learners.



Being curious, asking questions, analysing information and revising content with class tutors and home tutors are some of the important steps that students need to take in order to better equip themselves with the knowledge needed.

There is no such thing as “unintelligent questions” which students often fear asking teachers. Teachers have gone through the phase of being a student and they know how tough it may be! Nonetheless, it is better to give it a try now then to regret not trying much later in life.  




The immediate response that most of us have towards challenges is apprehension and self-doubt. In order to be a successful student, one needs to come out of their shell in accept challenges when faced with them. Challenges in school life are much different from those encountered in adulthood. Students need to get used to the ups and downs that come their way and use challenges as their learning opportunities to know more about themselves.


There may be countless number of moments that may just compel you to give up on everything. A truly successful students would know that such instances come and go, and hence one should never make a hasty decision of giving up on everything without even trying.

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Tuition teachers and school teachers are the two biggest support systems available for students. Apart from them, parents and peers are always there to help in every way they can. Students need to realise the privileges they are endowed with and work hard with determination to reach their goals!


Knowing what you don’t know is the first important step to tackle ignorance. It may be challenging to identify learning gaps all by yourself, hence it is important to seek the assistance of school teachers or private tutors to identify where you went wrong.

Sometimes concepts may seem easy to understand, but they may also seem confusing when asked to explain or teach it to someone else. This goes to show that there is improper understanding of the concept and that more work needs to be done to solidify the information being given in one’s mind.


It is always a work in progress; hence students should never give up on their challenges and work hard with perseverance. Being proactive enough to seek the help of tutors and clarify doubts with them will be the best way to move forward in succeeding academically. Apart from academics, also need to learn to juggle various other commitments without stressing themselves out!