How to Start Online Teaching Job from Home

Online tutoring as become a huge deal over the past few years and with the onset of the pandemic, the entire world is solely operating through the online platform. Online tutors are being called upon for take up more students as the demand has risen and many tutors who have only conducted group tuition at tuition centres are now in a situation to conducting online teaching from home. The convenience and ease of online work is not pushing many towards the arena of online tutoring job.

Source: Edumithra

So, here are some ways online teaching jobs can be started!

Firstly, people who want to become an online tutor need to decide what subject they intend to teach. Ideally, the tutor should be knowledgeable in the subject that they teach and have some form of tertiary education in the subject, even better if they have a degree in the subject.

This ensures that the tutor will be comfortable in teaching the subject and also that parents and students will be confident in the tutor’s ability to do so. However, a degree is not always necessary as this requirement also depends on their intended target audience. If they want to teach at a primary or lower secondary level, a degree is probably not useful but for higher education levels they may become necessary to have.

Secondly, they need to know what their strengths are in terms of online tutoring. In order to be chosen as a tutor, it is important to have a unique selling point that other potential tutors may not have. Saying that they have a degree or that they are very passionate about teaching is not enough as a very large group of potential tutors will have these traits.


Thus, it is important to know how to compete with others in this very competitive market. They will have to do a lot of research not only about other tutors but also about their target audience. Researching about other tutors will reveal how to advertise themselves as more viable options. Researching about the target audience will reveal what they actually want in an online tutor as bragging about a quality that has no impact on whether students pick them or not is just a waste of time and energy.

Thirdly, tutors should have a structured course for the subject that they are teaching. This can include making standard slides to teach off of, make video courses, etc. Tutors will have to predetermine the flow of how they are going to teach their subject as parents and students will not trust a tutor who tries to wing their way through it. This structure will however, improve as the tutor gets more experience in teaching but it is still important to start somewhere.

Fourthly, tutors would have to buy the necessary equipment to prepare for when they have actual lessons. The typical set up for a tutor will be a laptop that has a stable Wi-Fi connection and working webcam, a working and high-quality microphone, headphones.


Tutors might also have to search online for suitable online whiteboards depending on the subject that they teach as some may require it. Many students will quit pretty quickly if the tutor does not have a satisfactory set up as it will be very difficult for them to follow during the lessons if technological issues keep happening.

Lastly, tutors will have to advertise themselves on as many platforms as possible to increase their chances of getting a student. This can include advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc. They can also try to apply for websites that help to advertise online tutors.

Online teaching has become the new norm and in order to stay updated with time and technology, we need to make the necessary changes to adapt and adjust!