Individual Vs. Group Tuition – Which is better?

It is absolutely important to keep up with the content and material that the school is providing with the respective subjects and only then, can students be able to approach the examination papers with confidence. With the education syllabus being revised and refined to be more challenging, students are finding it increasingly difficult to cope.

There is much more emphasis on knowledge application and “out-of-the-box” thinking which are considered important tools for problem-solving. In the everchanging corporate landscape (especially during this time when globalisation has shrunk the world into a much smaller place), it is essential for young minds to be more creative in their approach to problem-solving.

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All these things are quite recent expectations from students so it’s not like parents can play a significant role in helping their children. This is the prime reason why students seem to need the extra help and parents understand the tuition is the best option to help their children work through the hurdles.

So, the question arises – Private one-on-one tuition or group tuition: Which is better?

Different people might have a different take on this. There are different advantages for the two option and at the end of the day it all depends on the student’s choice. Having said that, it is in fact heavily dependent on factors like travelling time, school work load, school commitments, family situation, and so on. Thus, it is best for students and their parents to discuss about these factors and see which would be the most convenient.


One on one tuition requires students to be absolutely comfortable with the complete attention of the tutor. This can seem awkward for some students who are not so sociable or some students might find it intimidating that the tutor’s attention is entirely converged on them.

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However, the biggest advantage that likely tips the scale in terms of effectiveness in learning is that, the tutor will be able to accommodate and customise his or her teaching to suit the learning needs of the student. In group tuition however, this is not possible because, similar to the classroom setting at school, there are more than 2 students and everyone will be different. The tutor cannot afford to assess and keep track of each student’s progress and identify each of student’s strengths and weaknesses so teaching would be rather general.

Since private tuition does not follow the “one size fits all” rule, a student would indeed progress at a faster rate with the customised teaching as they will be able to identify their logic gaps in the early stages as opposed to finding out what went wrong at a week before the exams.


Group tuition has a similar atmosphere to a classroom in school except it has a smaller group of people. The best thing about group tuition is that it will be a more light-hearted and jovial setting. Students get to meet others of their age from different schools and each student’s experience in their own respective schools will be unique.

Students will be able to share the strategies and teaching techniques being taught in their schools with their tuition buddies so there will be some healthy give and take through the friendships made in group tuition setting.

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Apart from that, tuition teachers will be able to arrange discussion sessions and there is room for creativity in the ways they can possibly teach. With a small group of students, the tutor can go for a seminar-like approach or initiate a round-table discussion and maybe even a rapid-fire question and answer session. There is a myriad of possibilities and thus group tuitions can be enjoyable to a great extent. And when a student enjoys learning, it registers in his or her mind very well, beyond a shadow of a doubt.


#1: FEES

Private one-on-one tuition can be slightly on the expensive side in terms of the fees as compared to group tuition, however, there are a wide variety of options with affordable rates so it is of utmost importance for parents and children to research on their available options and discuss based on the range of fees they are leaning towards opting for.


Some students may feel that going for a group tuition at a tuition centre may contribute to the exhaustion from school and they might prefer having a tuition session at home in their own convenience.

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Other students who have the extra bout of energy and don’t mind going to a tuition centre, or those who feel that they cannot concentrate in the setting of their home may consider group tuition to be the better option. This solely depends on personal choice.


The learning process is slightly different for private tuition and group tuition. With a private tutor there is a little more flexibility with the schedule and students can uninhibitedly request certain topics to be re-taught. On the other hand, it will be a little more rigid for group tuition as the tutor has his or her own set schedule and there are other students in the group who may have a faster learning pace so repetition of certain concepts in class may not be so possible for the minority of students who may take a little more time to process.


Having the right information at our fingertips and having the clarity as to what we really want and hope to achieve will enable us to make the right decisions. Parents and children need to talk through this and go for the best choice possible!