List Of Best Primary Schools In Malaysia

One of the biggest concerns that parents have for the children is quality education. Education and mode of teaching is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our every-changing world. Private tutoring and online tutoring are now normalised and most students find it to be a necessity. Tuition was once a supplement to school but now it has become part of every student’s learning journey.



Parents often ask tutors and every other senior parent they know of about which school is the best to enrol their kids in. There are different types of primary school education in Malaysia, this includes,

  • Government primary schools
  • Private primary schools
  • Religious primary schools
  • Special Education primary schools

As per the typical government primary school education, it is about 6 years long and the exposure that children will get is wide in nature. Apart from the typical reading and writing, there are other aspects such as moral and Islamic education which ensures a child’s holistic development. Children have to write the Primary School Evaluation Test (UPSR) at the end of 6 years.

Here’s a list of primary schools in Malaysia which you can consider to enrol your child in!

International schools are typically known to provide students with a high-quality education. Parents can opt their child for government schools as well; there is no rule book to abide by. Having said that, here are a few schools that parents can consider as a suitable choice for their children:



This school constantly expanding itself and offers the international bachelorette to 300 students in a campus across various countries. It is the first in Malaysia to take up Primary year programme (PYP) and Middle year programme (MYP) together. The trans-disciplinary pedagogy allows for creation of intellectual and curious young minds.


Located near Kuala Lumpur, the campus is well-organised and large, and certainly accommodating to the educational needs of students. It is notable that ICT (Information Communication Technology) is an important component of teaching for students in this school.


The multicultural landscape of the school creates a healthy learning environment for students. Students are taught to work with one another, display teamwork when needed and show sportsmanship at all times. There is myriad of opportunities for students to explore and find out what they are good in.


All private national schools under the Utama Schools Group adhere to the Malaysian National Curriculum. The curriculum is designed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Sekolah Sri Utama provides a dynamic learning community and has ensures that students develop a critical-thinking mind to tackle challenges.


Teaching at Kingsley international is a “learner-led classroom” approach, which encourages students to be active learners. With a diverse environment students are also taught to be effective communicators and to be compassionate individuals.

For more information, you can look up the list of schools in the official website of Malaysian Ministry Of Education. The selection process might seem like a tedious one, albeit being an important one which all students and parents need to get through.

Selecting a good school for primary education can be based on factors like location and the schools, motto, vision and other factors. It will be helpful to take suggestions from tutors and senior parents who have gone through a similar experience.

Children’s minds are naïve and vulnerable, so it is up to parents, tutors, and the overall education system to mould it for the better. Should the right guidance be provided, powerful young minds can be created for a brighter future.