7 Tips to Make Distance Learning More Effective

Distance learning has become the norm as students don’t have the luxury of time to attend tuition classes in different locations. Online tuition and private tuition have made life easy for most students these days. Home tuition these days has become less of a possibility due to the pandemic. So as long as social distancing needs to be maintained, online learning seems to

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Best Ways to Learn English Fast for Non-English Speakers

The biggest struggle for most non-English speaking individuals is effective communication. Being able to convey information succinctly is of utmost importance. But this is a difficult task for anyone who is not well-versed in the language. Picking up a language is easy for children but it’s not the same for adults.   Source: fluencycorp.com Students

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Best Tips to Make Science Fun and Interesting

Education continues to transform in ways that we probably have never imagined before, solely because the needs and wants of mankind changes over time and according to that career options undergo a dynamic change. Students are encouraged by their private tutors and school teachers to start thinking about their area of expertise and interest from the beginning

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How can you help identify your child’s career interest?

Though education should be about the process of gaining knowledge and eradicating ignorance, in today’s day and age after westernisation globally, education is equated to a career that is attached with salary tag that student run after mindlessly. Source: https://www.moneycrashers.com/5-great-career-fields-for-the-future Every action has to have a meaningful purpose and parents need to inculcate this in children.

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self study

What are Pros and Cons of Self-Study

The concept of self-study and independent learning has become so much more common now, especially with the pandemic. Coronavirus has caused many countries to go into a lockdown and students’ education is limited to indoors whereby their progress is dependent on their own self-discipline and integrity. Source: https://www.cchatty.com/7-tips-on-self-study-Chinese-g-100449 This is indeed a challenging task and it’s

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How To Write Outstanding High School Essay

Writing outstanding essays is no mean feat and it’s all as a result of the kind of rigour and skills that it requires, especially at the level of high school. High school online english tuition  has also gained lots of importance recently as more students realise that they need immediate help to save themselves from

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