Role Of Technology In Building Vocabulary

Have you been working on your vocabulary for long?

technology to boost vocabulary

Building up the vocabulary for a language is undeniably a hard job. Reading is certainly an excellent way to improve, but it is not a very fast method. It can take a reasonably good time to reach your goals with reading practices. Thankfully, technology has a lot of options to help you to boost your vocabulary. Find out them here;

Effective exhibition:

With the help of representation of a term, it becomes easy to understand and help develop deeper word comprehension. Hence, learner’s can be asked to construct a picture, pictograph, or symbolic representation of the new terms. You can either use Google Drawings or Google Slides.

More engagement:

Students can be easily engaged in activities which would help them add more to their knowledge. Actually, better engagement will help them retain information for longer period. For this, they can make use of various tools to create original content, related to terms. For example, they can form some posters using Pic Collage.

Better explanation:

You can employ different methods to offer a better description and explanation. For instance, photos and videos can be a great tool to get familiar with new terms. Then you can switch to YouTube videos for best illustration on any topic.

Faster revision:

What about using technology to restate the description or explanation they learnt earlier? So, one can make use of ChatterPix Kids app to make images come alive, or can choose narrating slides using Shadow Puppet Edu or Adobe Spark Video apps to explain what you learnt in your own way.

So, there were some of the ways you can use technology to support vocabulary learning. Start with them today and share your experience in the comment section below.