Tips and Tricks To Learn English Faster

Learning a new language is not as easy as some people may think (those who claim themselves to be linguistically inclined!), nor is it as difficult as some might fear it to be. Whether something is challenging or not is dependent on how it’s being tackled. The best way to learn English is by hearing it, seeing it, reading it and speaking it.

By involving all of one’s senses, the languages get better encoded in one’s mind and it is much easier to master it over time. Private English tutors know that students struggle with both vocabulary and grammar in English and the biggest challenge is figuring out where one should start to make an improvement.

Here are some tips and tricks to learn English effectively and efficiently!


One of the best ways to learn a language and master it is by hearing it, above everything else. Reading the English dictionary for hours or reading one story book after another would not help; in fact, these are steps that should be taken at a much later stage. Students need to get into the habit of listening to the news channels, podcasts or even sit with intellectual individuals to observe the way they communicate their ideas effectively in the English language.

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Our brains tend to store information at a subconscious level and when we actively engage in activities associated with those subconscious memories, they get reinforced, which leads to creation of long-term memory.


English tuition teachers have the expertise and knowledge to guide students in a customised manner such that their personal learning needs are met. Some students might have difficulties in writing grammatically-sound sentences, some others might have issues with writing succinctly and some students might struggle with appropriate use of vocabulary words in writing (words need to be weaved in subtly according to the appropriate context).


Trained and experienced teachers have their own set of tricks to help students pick themselves up from where they are stuck for the longest of time. A good teacher will never molly-coddle his student, nor will he offer the answers on a silver platter. Over time, students will see themselves make progress gradually. With every small achievement unlocked, the motivation to do even better well rise.


Listening and understanding may seem like much easier tasks once students try their hands on writing. It’s a whole new task all together! Writing is again one of those things which require lots of practice, so it is not possible for students to master this skill overnight.


The best way to brush up on this is by writing out essays on a wide range of topics and running it through your English tuition teacher. With their suggestions and advise, you can further work on the same piece of writing to think about ways in which it can be enhanced. When comparing old draft with the new one, you’ll realise your knowledge gap and that’s when the actual learning begins!


Students need to realise that every effort being put in will require its own time to translate into the form of results. Some students might be inpatient and which leads them to give up at a very early stage. Others who are more patient and realise that things take time, would bear the fruits of their labour at the end if it all.

English is admittedly one of the most challenging subjects to see drastic improvements, because students need to put in plenty of effort and they need to trust themselves as well.