Tips to Find a Good English Tutor Online

The demand for English tuition is constantly on the rise considering that not much is being done at schools to hone the skills of each and every student. It is almost impossible for a teacher of a classroom with 40 students to pay attention to the learning needs of every student because of time restraint and there are only a handful of students that a teacher could meet for after-class consultations if time permits.

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Learning everything within the school curriculum is idea that lacks practicality and students who are constantly in denial and convince themselves that they can do it all by themselves would eventually come to the realisation that there is nothing wrong in asking for help when needed. After all, it is better to nip the problem in the bud. For students who then feel that English tuition would be the best option for them, the question arises: “How do I choose the best tutor?”

Considering that many students choose to opt for online tuition, due to reasons like convenience, comfort, and efficiency, there is an even bigger doubt as to how to determine the best tutor as online tuition is quite a recent phenomenon and not many are used to this new idea. 

So, what can be done to find a good English tutor? 


English is not an easy subject and especially for families in an Asian society as English is not the first language and Mother tongue is more commonly spoken at home. Children are likely to be less familiar with the English language unless their parents have made a conscientious effort to train them from a very young age.

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A good English tuition teacher will empathise with their students always ensure them that a good grade can be achieved when hard work and determination is present. Students often doubt their capabilities as mastering languages takes a long time and tangible results cannot be seen that often. Should students be afraid and demotivated, that is their biggest hurdle to success. So, in order to eliminate this undue stress, English tutors need to assure their students and a good English tutor will rightfully do so when their students really need it. 


While searching for a good English tutor, it is absolutely essential to read through their personal statement in the tutor profile. It is a good estimate as to how much of a compassionate individual he or she is and the tone of the writing would reflect how amicable they are as a person. 

English tuition session involves lots of interactions and conversations, and in order for a student to be able to comfortably communicate with his tutor, the tutor has to be equally as responsive and has to reciprocate the friendliness. The personal statement is a good way to understand the tutor’s expectation for his or her students and reading this will give students an idea as to whether they will be able to live up to the expectations. 


All good things come to those who wait. This is applicable for everyone, in every situation and it words every time. Mastering the English Language takes lots and lots of time and though it’s a fact that can be hard to digest, it’s the truth. The best way to deal with this challenge it to first accept this bitter truth and think about how one can take baby steps in a slow and steady manner towards progress.

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English tuition teachers are well-trained through their experience of years of teaching and they can understand the insecurities, concerns and worries of their students very well. Students are young and naive and they don’t know any better; most of them want to go for the short cut to get the good results as soon as possible. Language, however, does not work that way.

There is no fast track, so students need to understand that when an English Tuition teacher takes the lessons through in a slow and steady manner, he or she is doing the right thing and has the best interest at heart. 


There is a general misconception that the best tutors are the most seniors with lots of experience. Yes, this is an intuitive thought and understanding but this does not necessarily hold true. The biggest advantage the young teachers have is their ability to stay relevant. Because of their young age, their bouts of energy will also keep them going in continuously trying their best to be better teachers and their relentless effort to keep learning will also be inspirational for their students. 

Age of the tutor is not a huge factor and it’s not so important. What’s important to look out for is the tutor’s enthusiasm to teach and his or her contagious positive energy. 


English tuition is one of the best guidance that students can ever have and its truly worth committing to. Students nonetheless need to embark on an arduous journey with a positive outlook and their persistence would truly yield great results!