Tips to Find the Best Math Tutor for Your Child in Malaysia

Math is a loved subject by some students while loathed by some others. Interest in a subject really depends on the innate interest of the students by its most heavily dependent on how well the student is being tutored. Some math tuition teachers have the expertise to spark interest in students and keep them curious throughout a lesson.

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Moreover, in this day and age, online math tutoring has also become famous among students due to its effectiveness and convenience.

So, here are some tips to find an expert maths tutor in Malaysia for your child!

Firstly, parents will not be able to randomly find a perfect teacher for their child. They first have to narrow down platforms where they might be able to find the tutors that they are looking for. These platforms can be social media platforms, tutoring websites, news, advertisements, recommendations from others, etc.


Keep an open mind

It is important for parents to be open-minded and consider all of these various options as focusing too much on one platform will result in them being blind to potentially perfect tutors from other platforms. However, for website agencies, parents should pay closer attention to see their reviews as trying to look for good tutors in those that do not have good reviews will just be a waste of time.

Secondly, once narrowing it down, parents will have to consider the qualities of the tutors themselves. There are two main categories to consider from and these are qualifications and experience. Tutors with higher qualifications such as masters or even a PhD probably understand Mathematics at a much deeper level which might be very useful for teaching.

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Similarly, tutors with more experience in teaching are more likely to adapt their style to fit the students that they get to ensure that they learn more efficiently. Although there may be new budding skilled teachers who are not very qualified, it is more likely to find a perfect tutor if parents look for qualified and/or experienced tutors.

Thirdly, once narrowing down tutors based on what they have put in their resume, it is important to dig deeper. As mentioned above, qualifications and experience do not indicate how skilled of a tutor they are. Thus, it is important to learn more about them personally.

This can be done by reading reviews of their teaching. These reviews will reveal how effective (or ineffective) their teaching actually is. Moreover, many tutors also have professional social media accounts or their own personal websites. These can also help them understand their level of teaching.

Fourthly, tutors who may seem to have similar qualifications and experience may offer lessons at drastically different prices. Many parents tend to over analyse this. “If their qualifications are high and their cost is low it means that their skill in teaching is probably low too.”

This is a common thought that many people might have and this not only applies to tuition services.

Just because the price of something is unexpectedly low does not mean that its quality is also low. Thus, parents need to consider price as one of the main factors after considering the other factors mentioned above as no parent would want to pay a fortune for tuition.

Fifthly, parents should request the tutors that they have chosen for a trial period to determine if the tutor’s teaching style is compatible with their child’s learning style. There are a few things that parents should be looking for during this trial period. The tutor should be able to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to modify their teaching style to adapt to them.


A tutor who is not flexible in their teaching will make learning much less efficient. Tutors should also be able to communicate well with the student. Parents need to get feedback from their child about how they felt during lessons to understand what’s going on. The most important is that the tutor has to understand the Malaysian education system well.

No matter how good of a tutor they may be, their skills will go to waste if they cannot prepare them to do well in the current education system.