Top 7 Benefits of Hiring an Online English Tutor in Malaysia

Online English tuition has become the norm these days as many are shifting towards a more convenient tuition option as opposed to group tuition and private one-to-one tuition. Moreover, this pandemic has forced many tutors to switch to online teaching so the dynamics of tuition has changed drastically. To get a clearer picture of the benefits of hiring Online English tutor in Malaysia, let’s take a look at them in detail.

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#1: English is considered by many to be the international language. Many jobs require employees to be able to speak English as a compulsory criterion. Moreover, learning English will allow people to travel to other countries without having to learn their native language since many countries require their people to speak English. Thus, for people who do not go to school to learn English, an online tutor can help immensely in learning English, especially during this pandemic.

#2: Many might think that English is a language that can be self-studied relatively easily. However, it is difficult to become fluent in English without any help from a professional. English is not phonetically consistent and thus, the spelling of a word may seem surprisingly different from the way it is pronounced which can be very confusing for new learners. A good tutor will be able to help students learn new vocabulary words and how to pronounce them correctly to prevent any fundamental mistakes from happening.

#3: Learning a language independently requires a lot of discipline and dedication. Someone might think that they are dedicated when they first start learning the language, but this can easily change after a while and a lot of frustration. A good tutor will help to instil this discipline and perseverance into anyone who wants to learn the language.

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#4: Having an online tutor as compared to a normal private tutor has many advantages, even without considering this pandemic. Online tutoring will help to eliminate any travel time issues for both parties. Moreover, students will have access to tutors not only from all over Malaysia, but also from all over the world. Private tutoring, however, will result in the choices being very limited to tutors in their own state. Thus, students will be able to choose more skilled teachers than they normally could.

#5: Due to the elimination of travel time, tutoring can be arranged at any time. Many parents may be scared to let their children travel late at night, for example, which will heavily; limit the possible options for when the tutoring can be held. Online tuition provides the luxury of being able to have the lesson at any time, no matter how late or early as long as both the teacher and the student agree to it.

#6: A personal online tutor will allow students to be able to learn English at their own pace. In school, the pace of learning is already predetermined which is detrimental to both students who learn at a slower pace and students who learn at a faster pace.

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Students who learn at a slower pace will be completely lost during lessons while those who learn at a faster pace will be too bored during lessons. A good tutor will be able to understand the pace at which a student learns and thus, can adjust their teaching pace accordingly. Moreover, they can also make personalised quizzes to help correct the misunderstandings that the student has.

#7: Learning from a tutor allows students to learn a lot of content beyond the syllabus that they learn in school. The syllabus taught at school is usually very complete and informational but it does not cover everything that the student might need to know.

A tutor will however, be able to do so. For students who do not learn English at school or for students who do not go to school, they will also be learning much more by having a tutor!