Various Study Skills To Follow For Enhanced Learning: A Guide For Students

Studying smart is much more important than studying hard; we all know this fact and try to put this into action but we just don’t know how it is supposed to be done. Private tutors and online tutors have come up with new ways to incorporate fun methods of learning for students so that information can be easily internalised. Although some students might be aware of study methods, most of them are unsure of how the ideas can be implemented.

Here are some study skills that students can use to enhance their learning!


Being organised is crucial. Whether it is in terms of your schedule, or keeping your study table and room organised, it all matters and they contribute to the efficacy of your study session. Creating the perfect study environment which is customised to meet your own learning needs is essential. Some might prefer studying at home while others might prefer studying at a coffee shop.

study room


There is no right or wrong way; it is about what suits you the best. It will be beneficial for you to list out the things that need to be done the night before, so that you will have clarity of how the day would go.


We often say “I don’t have time”, which is not so accurate; it’s more of a time management problem. One of the biggest challenges posed when it comes to time management, is the habit of procrastination. Students these days have a general habit of setting things aside to be done later because of various reasons; the main one being laziness.

time management


Students need to cultivate the habit of creating a study timetable, a to-do list or set a fixed amount of time for each of their task so that time is not wasted unduly. When time is better managed, more work gets done within a short period of time. As per Parkinson’s law, since work expands to fill the time available for its completion, students need to keep in mind that getting work done promptly purely depends on self-discipline and effective study sessions.


Higher-order thinking is absolutely important these days as education and the corporate landscape are constantly evolving. One influences the other; they aren’t mutually exclusive. Students need to get used to the pattern of thinking critically about everything that they are being taught.

brain excercising


Question papers for examinations in schools are also being set in a challenging manner so that students will be able to practice well before they appear for the national exams. Students can seek the help of their school teachers and tuition teachers since this learning curve can be a steep one; it’s no mean feat, and there will be a lot of unexpected challenges along the way!

Practicing using assessment books and past year school papers will be a useful way to get yourself started. The more you practice, the more you train your brain to thinking at a frequency at which the examiners expect you to do so.


The answers that got you the marks will reflect that you know the concepts there were being tested in those questions. However, the answers that made you lose those precious marks point out the gaps in your knowledge. A lot of time and effort needs to be put into the realise where you have gone wrong. When you are able to realise what you don’t know, you will seek ways to learn what you have missed out on!