What Are The Benefits Of Distance Learning In Malaysia?

Distance learning has become the normal mode of learning for most students these days, especially because of the pandemic. It is a key factor that has allowed for the expansion of the tuition industry which has opened up many tutoring services in Malaysia. Private tutors are doing an excellent job in guiding students to perform with excellence in their academics. High school tutors are of high demand now as many students seek help to push their grades up within a short period of time.

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Distance learning may seem like a lack of in person experience; however, this is becoming a popular approach. Online tuition is something that many students prefer and there are many reasons for this to be as such. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of distance learning in Malaysia!


When students are able to attend tuition sessions from home through online learning, it saves a lot of time and trouble. Travelling to a tuition centre causes students to lose a lot of time in commuting and it adds to the exhaustion that is already caused by school activities that takes place throughout the day.

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Should students be exhausted, it would be impossible for them to concentrate on their daily activities and there wouldn’t be enough space in their mind to accommodate new information. Thus, revision of school work would not be possible either. When travel time is cut off, it makes a huge change to the schedule which adds value to students’ learning!


In online learning, there is a vast number of opportunities for technology to be used to one’s advantage. These days, tutors are becoming tech-savvy, so learning methods are becoming increasingly unique which makes information internalisation a lot more interesting and effective.

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Sometimes tutors might arrange online quizzes, educational videos can be utilised for learning and students can be assigned group projects as well. When students are able visualise the concepts, and learn to apply the knowledge to solve problems through critical thinking, it is unlikely that they will forget what they learn.


One of the biggest advantages of distance learning is the fact that one can set his or her own schedule for learning. The flexibility of online learning allows for students to create their own study timetable freely. Every student has a different learning process; some might need more time to digest a topic while others might absorb the information and move on quickly.

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It is hence crucial for students to have the liberty to learn at their own pace so that they understand and internalise every concept. In online learning, the approach to teaching and learning would be much different than in person learning. Students can request their teacher to reteach some concepts and maybe even quiz them on those concepts to solidify their knowledge.


There are various platforms that are used for online learning. This includes platforms like Zoom and Google Meet which allows for interaction to take place with the video on and there is an unmute option as well. A mundane class would take place if the tutor goes on and on without making any attempt to get students involved in the learning process. Learning has to be a two-way process at all times.

Arranging discussions through certain features like breakout room in zoom would be a good start. A big class can be separated into smaller groups for discussions which makes learning so much more engaging and interactive. The more interesting lessons are, the more easily information will be retained in one’s mind.