What are the Benefits of Online tutoring for tutors?

Over the past decade, the mode of teaching and learning has taken a turn and everyone are finding their own ways to adapt to the dramatic changes. While students find comfort in online learning and some young teachers find online teaching to be an easy option (as they are rather tech-savvy), the older generation finds it a little challenging to embrace this change. Furthermore, tutors who are trying to transition themselves into the online platform to become online tutors are unsure of the benefits. 

So, here are a list of some of the benefits of online tutoring for tutors!

Firstly, it doesn’t matter what subject the tutor desires to teach. Subjects of sorts like English, Additional mathematics, Chinese language and so on, are all in demand and tutors are needed to guide students in dire help. Online lessons will allow tutors to have more flexibility in their schedule for teaching. Firstly, travel time (and cost) is eliminated for both parties.

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 A lot of time is wasted due to either teachers or students traveling and by having online lessons, this precious time can be saved for other activities. Moreover, lessons can also be done at any location, even if the teacher and student are not in the same country. The elimination of travel time also means that the lessons can happen at any time that is comfortable for both parties (including late at night and early morning which is usually not available for face-to-face teaching). This allows tutors to have a larger pool of potential students to teach. 

This flexibility undeniably adds on to the efficiency of the lessons. Online lessons, unlike traditional classroom environment, is capable of giving students some distractions. Should the online tuition session be effective, short and efficient, the interest will keep students anchored to the chairs and they will be highly involved in their tuition sessions. This also acts a unique experience for tutors are disciplining students while they are in person is a much easier task as compared to the scenario of teaching students virtually. 

Secondly, resources can be shared online by tutors. This allows easy access for both students and tutors. Losing homework or forgetting which homework to do will no longer be a major problem as students can just browse through the resources shared. This will help to massively improve organisation of the study materials and will also solve the problem of losing these materials.

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Moreover, printing of these resources will also no longer be needed which is also more environmentally friendly. Online lessons can also be recorded much more easily as many apps have a built-in recording function. This will allow students to review their lessons to catch up on any missed information and re-watch parts of the lessons which they are unsure about.  

Thirdly, online lessons are generally less awkward then face to face lessons. Many private tutors may feel that going into someone else’s home is intrusive. Some students, and even tutors, may also face social anxiety and be much more conserved and introverted in a face to face lesson as compared to an online one. Having an online lesson will thus be a huge advantage for these types of students and tutors.

There is also no social pressure on students as there is not someone sitting physically watching everything that they do. This extra element of freedom will be very helpful in students and tutors being much more comfortable during lessons. 

Fourthly, lessons can be made asynchronous online much easier as compared to face to face lessons. For face to face lessons, both the teachers and the students have to be free at the same time and place which sometimes is very difficult to arrange, especially since tutors have multiple students and students may be taught by multiple tutors for different subjects. The trouble of finding this common free time can be saved by having online asynchronous lessons. As mentioned above, lessons can be recorded and posted online which allows students to watch them whenever they are free. 

Lastly, online tutoring can also be made available for all age groups. Some students who may be out of the expected age range for certain courses and subjects may be embarrassed to attend face to face lessons, especially if they have to attend the lessons along with other younger students. This is an unfortunate social stigma that many among us have to deal with and in order for this to change, it will certainly need lots of time and awareness to be created.

It will be much less embarrassing for them to attend these lessons online as they can ‘hide’ behind their computer screens. While this is a plausible solution, it is important to recognise that this mentality needs to change for the better, and its everyone’s social responsibility to be appreciative of the strength and endurance of older individuals who are willing to study the course with younger counterparts. This will be a great experience for online tutors and it certainly widens their horizon. 


Online tuition has become a great option of students, especially at a time like now when everything has gone onto the online platform. Many students are in need of guidance and help to excel in their exams, so beyond a shadow of a doubts, online tutors we gain a great experience tutoring a wide range of students online.