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Creative Writing Tuition

Da Vinci, the great philosopher and thinker has many times attributed his creativity to his writing skills. Many stories about him reveal that no thoughts is random, all thoughts are made to decipher patterns and concepts unknown to the world.

With the aspiration to replicate the phenomenon in young children, educationists around the world are advocating the need of teaching creative writing to children. They want to inculcate in them a sense of creativity that inspires new ideas and generates more interest in exploring the world around them.

Children do write a lot in the form of homework, and assignments, but that cannot be counted as creative writing. Creative writing is penning down imaginations and thoughts as they come to the mind. Children have a raw imagination, and if they are trained to use it productively, it results in conditioning the mind to think independently.

As parents, if you too are concerned about inculcating such talents in your child, but don't have the right techniques to do so, we at "ChampionTutor" knows how to train your children in the art of creative writing. You might want to access our creative writing classes in Malaysia in order benefit from the following:

  • Creative writing encourages imagination and ideas.
  • Creative writing improves the oral as well as the written skills of your child from a young age.
  • Creative writing encourages children to express their thoughts and feelings
  • Creative writing inculcates a sense of artistic expression in young children. Just like painting and composing music, creative writing is an artistic skill.
  • Creative writing improves vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Creative writing sharpens your skill for essay writing and story writing as well.

You'll be surprised to learn that creative writing can make children more disciplined. They will be trained to place thoughts in a cohesive and creative way. Creative writing can introduce the required discipline in children.

Studies have also revealed that children, who are unable to express their emotions and feeling with overt reactions, can use the tool of creative writing by penning down what they feel inside.

The art of creative writing cannot always be taught at school; in fact schools only conform to given standard of writing and learning. Creativity is propagated only in name because of the limited time, in which the school syllabus also too needs to be completed.

Creative writing courses in Malaysia are designed with more freedom to let children think and exercise their own will over what they write and how they express. All it requires is an expert tutor that can help them unleash their talents. Our tutors, at "ChampionTutor" conduct private creative writing classes in Malaysia to help your children in a number of ways:

  • Our teachers introduce students to the core language and expressions used in English, and teach students how, when, why and where these expressions can be used correctly.
  • Although we do have a syllabus for creative writing, it is only a help guide. Our teachers give students full freedom to apply their thoughts and imagination to come up with ideas.
  • Our teachers take students way past the idea of school learning, giving them real exposure to writing by teaching them different writing styles, the correct usage of grammar and so on.

Our creative writing classes, Malaysia promises to equip your child with the necessary language skills and make him/her pro-active in the use of English.

To explore more about how we can help you get a good enough Creative Writing Teacher, register with our online portal by filling a small online form.

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