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High School Tutors

High school is generally used in an American context to refer to formal education that students receive when they are between 14 to 18 years old. In Malaysia, high school is more commonly referred to as secondary school – although it could also be used to refer more specifically to international schools that adhere to an American curriculum. Regardless of the nomenclature, high school is generally a crucial period in a child’s education journey. It paves the way for entry into tertiary education (or a vocational pathway).

High school tutors may be crucial for many students to attain their full potential for the following reasons:

  • Large class sizes in national high schools often prevent teachers from providing more individualized attention to particular students
  • Students who are lagging behind their peers in certain subjects are at risk of being permanently left behind.
  • Malaysia’s multilingual education system presents specific challenges for students who are transitioning from a Chinese or Tamil-type primary school to a national or international high school (where most of their subjects will be taught in Malay or English)
  • Students begin to encounter more challenging technical and abstract subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and additional mathematics.
  • Social pressures during adolescence can hinder a student’s academic progress in an institutional setting
  • A students’ ability to master a particular subject can be thwarted by the presence of an incompetent, incompatible, or underperforming teacher

Many Malaysian parents opt to hire private high school tutors – either in a one-to-one or tuition centre setting – to help their children overcome their academic weaknesses. High school tutoring can effectively address unique learning difficulties and learning gaps. It can also accommodate unique learning styles and idiosyncratic personalities.

While parents may hope to assist their children themselves (or wish that the child can achieve academic excellence by himself or herself), there are many situations where an expert guiding hand makes all the difference. At ChampionTutor, you can trust that our high school tutors have been screen and verified for their learning credentials, working experience, and reputation for helping their students attain their full potential. Apart from being well-versed in all high school subjects – languages, sciences, humanities and mathematics – they are also familiar with the psychological and social anxieties that can get in the way of many Malaysian high school students.

To start looking for suitable high school tutors in your area, simply register with us, input your requirements into our website, and start browsing!

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