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IB Tuition

All domestic and international students who wish to bypass the A level and O level can appear for the Integrated Program IB (International Baccalaureate) at the age of 18 years. This system of education is certainly different from the normal courses offered at the school level, and therefore its subjects too are different.

"ChampionTutor" is one of its kinds in Malaysia offering International Baccalaureate Tuition in Malaysia for all subject areas to be covered by the students. We are well equipped to cater to the unique needs of the IB students, and make all efforts to provide the best quality education to students seeking our help.

The main purpose of the IB program as we understand is not just inculcating academic excellence, but also developing the young minds to remain sensitive to all other world cultures. Having said this, another truth is that their academics is strictly structured, and can be challenging for students coming from different academic backgrounds.

Students who feel over burdened with the curriculum often seek outside help to relieve the stress of studies. This is where "ChampionTutor" comes into the picture. Our IB tutors in Malaysia are well versed with the syllabus of the various IB programs and can help you not just cope with your class mates, but help you to excel at studies by building a strong academic foundation for all subjects.

Our IB tutors in Malaysia will cover all the subjects taught at the IB programs. English along with other mother tongues, Tamil, Chinese, and Malay are of primary importance. English is the medium of teaching and a good understanding of the language is a must for all students.

Apart from this, we also offer tuitions for subjects like Mathematics, all sciences including Physics, Chemistry and Biology; Economics, Environmental studies, Geography, Religious Knowledge, Music, and others. Considering that there are three levels of the IB programs that begin at the age of 3 years and get over by 18 or 19, our International Baccalaureate tutors in Malaysia can help in at each level in the following manner:

  • PYP (Primary Years Program): children between the age group of 3 years to 12 years feature in this group and often find it difficult to understand subjects like Mathematics and Science. Since these are the foundation building years of the students, IB Tuition in Malaysia is vital to prepare for this level as well as the more difficult level that lies ahead.
  • MYP (Middle Years Programs): this group covers children between the ages of 13 to 16. In addition to the previous PYP level, students are taught subjects like humanities and technology. Studying and excelling all these subjects can be a difficult task for many students. But, with the help of our one to one tutoring programs, students can gain the right guidance to help them cope with all kinds of study pressures.
  • DP (Diploma Program): the last and probably the most demanding of all IB programs is the Diploma for children between 16 to 19 years. All subjects become more comprehensive and detailed. Many students find that there is a gap between what's taught at the class level and what they've grasped from lectures. For personal doubt removal, IB Tuitions in Malaysia can be of great help.

We highly recommend IB tuitions for all students who wish to improve their performance at school. With so many subjects, students face multiple worries, and we're sure parents wouldn't mind providing you additional help to relive this stress.

To get started with the process of hunting for the right teacher for your children, register with us today. Fill a simple online form to find a the right tutor.

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