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IGCSE Tuition

The IGCSE is a popular internationally-recognised alternative to secondary school in Malaysia. Learn how you can ace it with the help of our dedicated tutors.

The IGCSE is the international equivalent to the British O-Levels. It has been offered by the Cambridge Examination Board in many countries across the globe since 1985. There are over 70 different subjects in the IGCSE catalogue, but most international schools will have a more concentrated offering. (Many Malaysian international schools also have a focus on Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin to prepare their students for a local context). Each student’s results will be assessed with the same internationally-recognised A* - G grades. All coursework and examination papers are marked centrally in the United Kingdom.

In Malaysia, the IGCSE program is a five-year program that serves as an alternative to public secondary school. Students start at Year 7 (which is equivalent to Form 1) and end at Year 11 (Form 5). Academically advanced students can actually complete it at 15 or 16. Malaysian parents may opt to enrol their children in an IGCSE program because they want them to enjoy the benefit of an English medium of instruction, an internationally recognised British curriculum, and a syllabus that is not solely examination-based. The IGCSE program includes a wide range of assessments (project work, presentations, coursework, and practical experience) that have been designed to prepare students for the rigorous of university life and the modern workplace.

IGCSE may be “easier” than SPM in some regards, but it also poses some unique challenges:

  • ICGSE students who come from a Mandarin or Malay-based background may find the English medium of instruction (and the accompanying emphasis on English Literature) difficult to adapt to
  • All Malaysian students will still have to sit for the SPM Bahasa Malaysia paper in Year 11; those with limited Malay exposure may find this requirement stressful
  • Some Malaysian students struggle with the focus on independent learning and research
  • Students who have switched over to the IGCSE program after Year 7 will find it difficult to catch up with their peers since they would have missed the foundation component of the program
  • Students who take on more subjects (most schools recommend that students take 6-8 subjects) will naturally have a more demanding learning curve
  • Those aiming for extraordinary results (i.e. a string of hard-earned A*s) may need additional help to master the higher-level concepts in each subject

At ChampionTutor, we have carefully screened our IGCSE tutors to ensure that they are familiar with the syllabus and the program’s unique learning requirements. With their help, many local and international students sitting for the IGCSE have overcome their weaknesses to attain their full potential. They can provide their students with a flexible tutoring schedule that will allow them to make the most use of the time they have outside of the classroom. With the guidance of an expert IGCSE home tutor, you will find it easier to navigate the academic and psychological challenges involved.

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