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The education system in Malaysia is very much well recognised globally. Starting as early as the age of 12, students have to go through streaming levels in order for them to proceed on to their choice of Secondary Schools, which is equivalent to high schools in other countries. The school leaving examination at Primary 6, is also known as the UPRS (Primary Schools' Leaving Examination). Students have to score a certain amount of points in order to choose their desired secondary schools.

About UPRS

UPRS is conducted in Malaysia every year. It is a national examination, which students consider at the end of their final 6th year of primary school education. Every student will go through the examination before being assigned to different streams in secondary schools.

Why UPRS Tuition in Malaysia?

UPRS is the first major hurdle, your child will experience in his or her scholarly life. It is an examination that represents a junction - one that will direct your child into various directions.

Every parent desires their child to excel in their studies. On a hindsight, UPRS is not the last determinant, as there is a saying goes in Chinese, "Over a long distance, you learn about the quality of your stallion." A student who did not do well for their UPRS can still excel in life. It is not a doom and gloom situation.

Research has shown that the learning environment plays an enormous effect on how education turns out for a kid. Being in a good learning environment, puts your child in a favourable situation to augment their learning potential and self-esteem, making them significantly more prone to go further in their academic journey.

Why home tuition for UPRS?

UPRS Home Tution is helpful as the tutor's attention is not divided. They focus on a student only, in helping them to excel well academically.

For home tuition, tutor focuses on child's concept grasping abilities, speed of learning, and learning gaps. Lesson plan by the tutor can be adjusted according to the child’s learning ability.

Where could you find the Right UPRS Tutor for your child?

Well, if you are presently searching for a UPRS home tutor, you have come to the right place. ChampionTutor is one of the leading tuition agencies in Malaysia. We have home tutors for different levels and subjects, who are specialised in UPRS English, UPRS Math tuition, UPRS science, UPRS Chinese, UPRS Malay and UPRS Tamil tuition.

Our experienced tutors are able to provide quality home tuition for any UPRS subjects. Try us today, and get the best UPRS tuition in Malaysia! Call us at +65 6850 5040, to hire the best UPRS Home Tutor.

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