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  1. ChampionTutor Platform is the easiest and best way for you to find the top social study tuition centres in Malaysia near you.

  2. Just search by type, level and postal code to choose from 100s of social study tuition centres complete with profile, ratings and their location on map.

  3. What is important is that we have listed only the best coaching classes for social study which meet our criteria for the result oriented tuition centre.

Why Use ChampionTutor to Find Social Study Tuition Centres in Malaysia?

Why Social Study is So Important?

  1. Social Study is one of the compulsory school subjects at secondary level in Malaysia. Its syllabus covers the study of history, geography, politics and economics.

  2. The curriculum of social study intends to prepare students as the citizens of tomorrow by helping them understand society, culture, politics, constitution and economics of Malaysia and the world as well. Social study also introduces students to the real-world issues and the ways to cope up with them. In this way, social study helps students to achieve relevant knowledge and understanding concerns; "develop critical and reflective thinking skills and appreciate multiple perspectives."

Why is Social Study So Tough for Many Students?

  1. It is true that social study is not tough like Maths or Science at primary levels. However, when students move to advance level, they start finding social study challenging with unique chapters, exhaustive theories, interpretations and frequent changes in syllabus. At GCE-O levels, it is compulsory to opt for social study with the combination of history and geography. In this way, social study is really tough for students with average learning ability.

  2. If your child is one of those average students, he or she definitely needs tuition classes to do well in social study. Private tuition centres help student in homework, assignment making, exam preparation, chapter understanding and sharing of notes. The tuition centres provide specific training to meet the student's individual needs, helping him improve grades in social study.

How ChampionTutor Ensure You Result Oriented SS Tuition Centres in Malaysia?

  1. ChampionTutor is the trusted platform where you find professional and result oriented social study tuition centres in Malaysia. We make sure our listed social study tuition centres in Malaysia provide....

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