How to create positive learning environment in a class?

For every tutor, it is essential to possess the ability to create a positive learning environment among the students. In case, you need some help with this, read on to know how you can make learning fun and interesting.


Among all the major characteristic of any tutor, creating and maintaining a positive learning ambience, is certainly important. If you are new to this field or are dealing with a tough time in your teaching career, here is a list of things you can try.

positive learning environment

Below are listed some helpful tips which will be fruitful in maintaining the positive energy;

1. Keep your frustrations away from students

Undoubtedly, teaching is a challenging job. It calls for greater patience and skills. This means even of you get impatient at one point in time you cannot exhibit your anger and frustrations in your class. Such an act can breed an environment of negativity. Hence, be peaceful and spread the positivity.

2. Experiment with reverse roles

This can be both, entertaining and challenging, for students as well as tutor. For a certain period of time you can reverse the role of student and teacher. It works and improves the working memory of your students. Let the student become the teacher and ask them to explain certain curriculum-based topics.

3. Let the students feel special

You need to understand that every student is different and have to be treated in different way. This is not a big job. All you need to do is make your students feel worthwhile. And you will be surprised with the results in the long run.

4. Try to be helpful

To be a tutor is in itself a big responsibility. You have to available, helpful, supportive, and caring to promote healthy learning environment in your classroom. Don’t create a fear among your students. Let them ask whatever they want to, and try to address their every problem.

5. Never be disrespectful

Whether you teach at a tuition centre or in a school, you must take your students seriously. Don’t ever ignore your students or shown any signs of disregard. Reason being, this will wreak havoc on their self-confidence which can lead to problem in future.

So, with these solutions you can overcome the problem of a dull and boring class. These will definitely help creating an effective learning climate which you have been yearning for. All the best!

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