tutors feedback

Why Is Tutors’ Feedback Important?

No matter how well a student does academically (with stellar grades and perfect student attendance), since we are all humans of imperfection, there will definitely be areas of improvement that can be worked on. The paradigm of teaching has undergone dynamic changes over the past few decades. This is all due to the changing needs

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Simple Steps To Develop Good Study Habits

Students who emerge as toppers with stellar grades are not necessarily fast-learners or geniuses. In most cases, these students engage themselves in smart study which means they know exactly what their learning gaps are and they address them with appropriate learning techniques in a timely fashion. Source: cns.utexas.edu Tuition teachers are one of the major

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good student

What are the Golden Rules for being a Good Student?

Being a “good student” is challenging, and it is always a work in progress. Students often hear their school teachers and private tutors telling them they have to work on several areas to improve on themselves but it’s truly difficult to figure out how changes can be made. Apart from being obedient and hardworking, there

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learning outcomes

How Students Can Improve Their Learning Outcomes?

Students depend on teachers for guidance because during the phase of building the foundation, it may not be possible for one to wrap their head around concepts all by themselves. It is hence the reason why independent learning is encouraged at a much later stage, such as in pre-university and university education. Although there are

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study space

How To Organize The Study Space For Success?

Maintaining an organised study space is absolutely essential. This creates a conducive learning environment which ensures that one can internalise information effectively. A study space can be created at home, or even outdoors. The place doesn’t matter, as long as it is something that one is comfortable with. Source: movingproz.com Some students who opt for

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how to become successful student

How To Become A Successful Student?

Being a good student requires one to exhibit qualities such as being proactive, righteous, curious, hardworking and determined. Though it is easier said than done, it is possible for students to uphold these values in their daily life with a little practice. The beginnings of anything could be challenging, but when time goes by, things

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primary schools in malaysia

List Of Best Primary Schools In Malaysia

One of the biggest concerns that parents have for the children is quality education. Education and mode of teaching is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our every-changing world. Private tutoring and online tutoring are now normalised and most students find it to be a necessity. Tuition was once a supplement to school but

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